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Marketing agencies share people-first and disruptor mentality to help businesses succeed.


PHOENIX, AZ (January 25, 2023) – Woman-owned marketing agency, Knoodle and minority-owned creative agency, Dynamo Design Group (DDG) join efforts to provide a stronger and more complete suite of services to clients. The partnership extends the in-house capabilities and geographic reach of each company, adding new industry talent and increasing the agility and expertise of two already successful businesses with decades of experience.

With Knoodle headquartered in Phoenix and Dynamo Design Group in San Diego, the combined offerings now encompass public relations, crisis communications, video production, branding, environments, packaging and motion design. The connection between the two agencies runs deep. Sandra Guadarrama-Baumunk, Partner at Knoodle, is a San Diego native and close colleague and friend of the DDG team.

“What unites our agencies first is culture and a strong sense of identity,” said Sandra. “Aside from the expertise that complements one another, both agencies are unapologetically authentic. We approach business like we approach each client, with limitless creativity, a strong work ethic and a desire to have fun. We’re proud to say DDG is an extension of us,

because they are.”

“The alliance between Dynamo Design Group and Knoodle will show that when we work together, we can change the narrative and impact an industry for the good,” said Allan Manzano, Founder of Dynamo.

Dynamo’s partner, Ron Padua, continues, “Knoodle’s expertise and professional demeanor complement our raw and uncut approach to solving creative problems. Both companies are committed to creating diverse, equitable, and progressive outcomes through the organizations we support and in the work that we make.”

In 2023, the agencies will focus new business efforts on combined industry experience in life sciences, health and wellness, gaming and entertainment, action sports, and food and beverage.

“I’ve admired the work of the DDG team for some time,” said Rosaria Cain, Founder and CEO of Knoodle. “Together we will be a powerhouse of a team.” Knoodle and Dynamo Design Group will retain their existing brands and offices and plan to

spend a considerable amount of time working between the two locations.


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